Carpet Installation-Dryden Way Crofton MD 21114

April 6, 2015


Carpeted the stairs and upper floor of our townhouse. Provided an “engineered hardwood” floor for just our dining room area (est. 115 square feet.) Upper floor and stairs involved about 750 square feet of carpeting, including removal of old carpeting and installation of new carpeting.
While we had some difficulty, it had nothing to do with the company. Our salesman, Alan Naini, knew the business and made sure that our problems were minimized.
Since it was planned as a small job, the company planned to do both requirements on the same day. After they ripped out the old carpet, the installers quickly pointed out that the carpeting they originally brought with them had a manufacturing defect. (Carpet threads easily pulled from webbing.)
Because the old carpet had already been removed, they quickly installed the flawed carpet as a temporary floor covering, which didn’t llook bad, but you could see the carpet was flawed by the number of threads that pulled up. They offered us a very good deal on the replacement carpet we selected, so much so that we also bought an area rug from them when we picked out the replacement carpet
Our installer, Sergio, was also quite excellent. He and his helper worked diligently and quickly on both days they were working at our home.
We received excellent pricing, first class sales support to remedy our problems, as well as a beautiful installation by the firm.


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