Hardwood Floors Installation-Breezy Town Ter Derwood MD 20855

March 30, 2015


Remove carpet and tile from living room/foyer and install hardwood floors in the same area.

This was our first time using angie’s list , I will explain why at the bottom my recommendation for Alladin carport and floors.
We were searching for the best carpet /hardwood flooring venders/ installers in our area, every time we changed the search criteria on angie’s list Aladdin name came first , so we decided to check their website and was able to schedual a free estimate on Friday.
Eddie came on time measured twice.
Because of the bad weather we had the night before he was unable to bring the samples and asked us if we can come with him to the show room which was about 10 minutes away .. We did .. And boy are we glad we did .. The price was unbeatable and because we chose a wood that was already available in the warehouse we were able to schedual them to do the floors on the next Friday..
Miguel (the head worker) arrived on time and started working immediately, he did not take a break not even for lunch ( I felt bad for him) but he was a great worker with great work ethics, Eddie came twice to check on the work , on the second time he brought two more workers to help finish the job faster .
The removing of carpet and foyer ceramic tiles took around three and half hours and the wood floors were installed in three hours.. Everything were measured multiple times before it was cut.
All the workers had a great detail oriented ethics, they were all fantastic.
Aladdin now have a customer for life, we will definitely call them again for our upstairs bedrooms and basement carpets..
As to why we went with angie’s list ,well after couple of coworkers recommend the site and after going to couple famous flooring venders who gave us a ridicules estimates and very bad customer service that they actually made us chase them to get the offer and we were told that if there was anything wrong with the subfloors they will leave it after they rip the carpet and we (the owners) have to finish the job and call them when we are done and then they will come and finish the floors..( it would be fine by us if they just asked for more money to take care of it but noooooo, that was too good for them.) that was one of the big questions we had for Aladdin staff , there answer was ( if anything wrong we will take care of I and fix it and will let you know how much extra it costs before we do it) now that we were ok with.


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