Carpet on Stairs Installation – Newton Dr Rockville MD 20850

February 13, 2015


Install new Stainmaster carpet on two flight of stairs.

I just bought a house and the stair carpets had to be changed. I shopped around a couple of stores in Rockville and Aladdin Carpet was my last stop. The quality of carpet and padding were very high, and the price, unbeatable! The other lowest quote was that of a nearby store, and it was 60% more than what Nezman asked for. The quality of the carpet offered by this store was medium and the padding, just the basic (Nezam gave the 22 pounder). After selecting a couple of carpets, taking their pictures, and have my wife select one, I made a reservation and paid in full. A staff came in the next morning to make sure that the measurements were okay, and after 3-4 hours, the installers were at my door! They were very organized, efficient, their work meticulous, and most impressive of all, they could draw a straight line on the carpet without the help of a ruler! Work was completed very neatly in less than two hours and they even repaired a loose step for me. Aladdin Carpet and Floors lives up to its
slogan…IT’S LIKE MAGIC! Great job Nezam! You are the most honest one in Rockville!


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