Hardwood Floor Installation-Ashview Dr Springfield VA 22153

January 19, 2015


They removed existing carpet and padding, to lay Canadian oak hardwood floors.

I was very impressed with the customer service Eddie and his team provided. The floors are fantastic, and look beautiful in our home. We had about 350sq ft laid, thus the extra cost. Eddie, the owner, came to do the consultation himself, explained what would be done, and provided us an invoice that day. We scheduled the installation and he informed us the wood floors would be delivered a couple days prior for the wood to acclimate. Eighteen boxes of flooring was delivered on Saturday. It wasn’t until a few hrs later, my curiosity got the best of me, and I peeked in the boxes. Good thing I did, because they accidentally delivered he wrong flooring…we ordered a medium oak finish, and these were blonde. I called Eddie, and he offered to come out on Sunday (his day off), to check it out. He met with me, and agreed the wrong floors were accidentally delivered. He apologized, profusely, got on the phone with his warehouse manager (also on his day off), who in turn went out to the warehouse, loaded up the correct wood floors, and delivered those, in a matter of a couple hrs. (Mind you, I’m about an hr out from their location.). The wood was stored in a climate controlled warehouse, so the wood didn’t need the additional time to acclimate. Work was started, as scheduled, Monday morning, and completed Tuesday afternoon. I can’t say how impressed I was/am with Eddie, Saied and he 2 men who did the installation. Very polite, professional, quick and thorough. I highly recommend Aladdin Carpet, and will use them in the future, when we redo our kitchen, and basement floors.


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