Hardwood Floors Installation – Clematis Court Gaithersburg MD 20882

December 5, 2014


Installed hardwood floors in our kitchen.
Overall we were very pleased with the job Aladdin did. We have used them several times in the past for both our current property and our previous home. I spoke with Eddie and scheduled an appointment to have an estimate done. We weren’t sure we were going to actually do the floors before the holidays, but due to the price we paid, the time frame we could have the installation scheduled and the fact that we replacing floors in pretty bad shape, it was a no brainer. Eddie was super nice, always prompt and a great communicator. Installation took 2 days, first day to removed old flooring and second day to install new floor. Guys doing the install were also great, very prompt and accommodating when we needed something in the kitchen. They did such a great job, that I recommended them to a friend who is going to have work done as soon as they settle on their new home. Will definitely be using them in the future!


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