Laminate Flooring-Bonsai Lane Silver Spring MD 20906

August 5, 2014


Installed laminate flooring in 13 x 23 ft living room, which had carpeting over parquet file. This necessitated removing the existing carpeting and repairing damaged sections of the parquet, and then laying down the laminate sections, with attached underlayment, which had to be carefully measured. Many pieces of furniture had to be moved during this process including a piano, a 12-ft .couch, and a love seat. In another phase of the project, a 30 sq. ft entryway to two bedrooms, a bathroom and a closet had carpeting removed and replaced by the same laminate over existing undamaged parquet. Transition strips were applied as boundaries with existing flooring. Molding along walls was also installed.
On 06/26/2014, Sergio and his two helpers were able to install everything in six hours, except for two missing transition strips. These transition pieces had to be ordered and were finally positioned on 07/18/2014. The final job was excellent and the workmen were extremely professional and friendly.


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