Bathroom Floor & Tub Surround-Lindsey Ct Ijamsville MD 21754

August 17, 2014



Hi Amy,

That is wonderful news. Please tell the installation crew that I may be in my back
yard doing some work, and to please come around the side of the house and get me.
If it is the same gentlemen that were here the previous days, they are aware of
what I am doing.

It is, indeed, a pleasure to have such wonderful company, in which, I have 100%
trust and faith in, working to complete this repair to the damages that occurred
to my home.

I will be on lookout for them during that time as well. I am sure all will be ok.

Please tell Mr. Reza Ahmadi, how happy I am that I have such a wonderful company
as Aladdin Carpet fixing the damages to my house.

I am so thankful for your company and their excellent work.



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