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June 10, 2014


Pulled up berber carpet and padding in three bedrooms and hallway of upstairs colonial single family home. Put down stock hardwood floors, baseboards, and trim. Also did the same in downstairs office.

When we called Aladdin, we were put in touch with Sasan, a sales representative. Throughout the process, he was our contact point and in truth one of the primary reasons we went with this company. He came to our home on a Saturday to give us an estimate, which was provided on the spot. He was courteous, removing his shoes and respecting our napping toddler’s quiet room. He was receptive to our needs. His estimate appointment actually started out by his asking us questions regarding our use of the spaces in question, how long we intended to stay in the house–in other words, he was trying to match the product to our needs. Not a novel idea but not always what companies provide.
Dates for installation were within 2 weeks of estimate appt. Installation was estimated to take 3-4 days and took 3 full days (working until late evening). The baseboards were an unanticipated addition to the job, adding about 7 hours and $1000. When it was determined by Sergio and the crew that the gap b/n floor and wall was too great, Sasan showed up at the house within hours to go over products and pricing once again.
We love the look, of course. Installation looks neat and without flaw that we’ve detected, anyway. Sasan explained a lot to us up front regarding flooring tricks of the trade ( boards lay perpendicular to the support beams, how larger width planks can make a small space appear smaller, how to spot-replace areas of laminate vs. hardwood) and my understanding makes me appreciate the value of the product even more.
I would absolutely use the company again, would recommend to my family, and would specifically seek out Sasan in doing so.


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