Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Churchill Rd Silver Spring MD 20902

May 14, 2014


Quote went well, but salesperson didn’t give clear indication of the stain we chose having an impact on the time the job would take (we wanted to darken the floors and made that clear up-front). When they came to do the re-finishing, they said that we couldn’t walk over the floors for a day, which was obviously impossible in a house that was being used. Actually we just had to keep off it for a few hours and then be really careful to only wear socks and not stand around on it!). We initially thought that the whole job would take a day from start to finish, but it actually took two days. The first crew said that they needed to return on the following Monday (it was a Saturday job), which wasn’t what we had agreed and frankly didn’t fit our work schedules. A phone call to the salesman fixed this, and the crew on the Sunday seemed more knowledgeable and helpful and understanding. Overall I would use this company again, but am always wary of over-promising, especially as we can’t just take a day-off to be home for contractors who need more time to finish the job. Their work was of a good quality, however, and we really like the darker finish to the floor that we now have.


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