Bathroom Floor Tiling-Bonsai Lane Silver Spring MD 20906

May 22, 2014


Replaced existing bathroom floor comprising one-inch ceramic tiles and installed one-piece vinyl floor..

The workmen, Miguel and Will, removed the existing one-inch ceramic tiles. The exposed plywood subfloor was cleaned and the existing baseboard molding was removed. A sheet of 1/4″ luan plywood was cut to the required dimensions (outside the house) and glued and screwed to the original plywood subfloor. Similarly, the vinyl floor covering (Congoleum Airstep Sheet Vinyl) was precut to the desired shape and was placed over the luan plywood. The toilet had to be removed for this step and of course reset afterwards. White primed wood was installed as a baseboard molding. Edges next to the bathtub and entrance saddle were caulked .
Everything went very smoothly. Miguel and Will were very professional, friendly and polite. They removed all waste material and cleaned up thoroughly. The job was completed in four hours.


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