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November 28, 2013


I have used Aladdin before and generally am happy with them. I purchased carpet for my basement and was not looking to spend too much. The deal was for berber carpet which is what I wanted for the basement. They offerred an upgrade to regular carpet but I am planning to sell the house so I was not looking to spend a lot. At the end of the install I noticed that the berber carpet did not completely cover the sides of the stairs, which are open to the finished basement, leaving visable gaps and an unfinished look from the open sides. When I pointed this out, the installer indicated that berber carpet is too stiff to wrap around he sides and through the spindles and that the sales person should have let me know that this would be the result. I was not informed of this (just offered the upgrade). Since the job was done and I am planning to sell the home anyway I am living with it. I just painted the unfinished parts of the stairs that were showing.The rest of the job looks great and installed well.


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