Pergo Laminate Flooring in Sun Porch – Spruell Drive Kensington MD 20895

January 12, 2007


Aladdin removed old carpeting off of the sunporch and replaced it with pergo laminate flooring.

The job went well. After several trips to the showroom, we decided to go with top of the line Pergo Vintage Home flooring. The salespeople were extremely courteous and knowledgeable and helped us realize that our original flooring choice would not have held up well under excessive sunlight or our dogs’ wear and tear. Although the installers came about 4 hours later than scheduled, they called frequently to let us know their status and managed to complete the job before 6 p.m. that day. They even preserved the original molding, which, when the rug was taken up, was revealed to be proper molding and not the shoe molding we originally thought it was. They stained it to match the floor, and everything looks beautiful. The Pergo they recommended is gorgeous, and the installation is great. Aladdin is pretty pricey, but we went with them because other Angie’s list members raved about their installation quality, which we agree is excellent.


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